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Top CSGO events to bet on

That’s the charm of CSGO betting sites, they always have events you can bet on. Whether you like to bet on the best, or you’re a subtle sports betting enthusiast who looks at promising teams on smaller events, the best CSGO betting sites will always have you covered.

But what are the best CSGO betting sites at the moment?

As stated above, CSGO events are not like their closest sports counterparts, LoL and Dota 2. The CSGO betting calendar features two Main Championships that are the most important events. In addition, there are several other notable events that bring together a large online betting community.

CSGO Major Championships

This is the bread and butter of the CSGO competitive scene. These events are sponsored by Valve, but they distribute the organization and hosting to third-party organizers such as IEM, StarLadder, FACEIT and the like. CSGO Major Championships are biannual events, and they bring together the best teams in the world to battle each other on the biggest of stages.

Esports Championship Series

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Here, we have another semi-annual event. Esports Championship Series (commonly referred to as ECS) features the best teams from the game’s most influential regions, EU and NA, and pits them against each other in the season finals. If you’re into qualifying with top teams, betting on the ECS will be your way to go!

Most Popular CSGO Bets

Considering the popularity of the most popular CSGO events , it’s not surprising to see CSGO betting sites striving to offer an abundance of betting options for more significant and smaller events as well.

If you choose one of the leading CSGO betting sites from the table above, you can be sure that you will have plenty of bets for a wide selection of CSGO events. We’re not talking about standard game winner bets and totals, but a plethora of additional CSGO specials such as team or player based statistics, in-game occurrences such as pistol round bets, clutches, utility frags and the like.

If you’d like to take a look at a more detailed approach to CSGO bet types, feel free to check out our CSGO specials betting guide.

Examining the best CSGO gaming sites

CSGO Audience x

Since you already have an interest in betting on CSGO, let’s cut the introduction and talk about what really matters. Let’s talk about virtues. You know, the things that make good betting platforms. Several come to mind immediately. While they are equally important, people will adjust their value to their preferences.

These are the most critical factors that you need to take into consideration when accessing the top CSGO gambling sites.

CSGO Coverage

There is a whole sea of sports betting sites teeming in the online gambling sphere. However, not all of them have deep CSGO coverage. That’s why it’s always a good idea to explore their CSGO betting markets, especially during big tournaments, to see how far they go in terms of specials.

Ease of Use

Navigating back and forth across various sports and eports markets can be very frustrating for beginners. People who have no experience with online gambling platforms will lose track and have significant difficulties, and this is the case with most current CSGO gaming sites.

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