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Online Casino Tips

Playing in an online casino can be as much or more fun as playing in a traditional Las Vegas or Monaco salon. The reason for this is the enormous variety that can be found at the click of a finger. 

Free casino games


Online casinos have been around for more than two decades, but just like the Internet, they have enjoyed a boom in the last decade, reaching more and more countries and people. There are several reasons for this, but one is that the virtual version of the casinos is scalable.

What does that mean? That it is not difficult to repeat the formula and open an online casino in a different country.

Rather it is necessary to know the local legislation, the software providers and offering things like differentiated customer service and website in the local language. That’s why today we have hundreds of websites working and the number should only keep increasing.

One of the variations that some houses have chosen was to offer free casino games, keeping the fun of games like roulette, slots, blackjack, but without putting the financial element in the stop.

This is perfect for those who don’t want to spend for fun or prefer to know the games well before jumping in and playing for money.

Also, as the master would say, training is training and game is game. But it is interesting to train before the game to know all the rules.

It’s also nice to take the rhythm of the matches, how much to bet and then, when it’s time for the big finals, you are psychologically prepared. And, most importantly, with all the knowledge in day to day to clear the rivals.

Casino bonus

An online casino has several ways to stand out and one of them is by offering bonuses to its customers. Thus, it is a very common practice in the marketplace to offer very high value welcome bonuses, offering 100% on your first deposit.

But some houses even go further with second and third deposits being rewarded and with a limit that can exceed 500 and up to $1000 reais. All of them have their own terms and conditions and it is interesting to take a look on their own before choosing.

In addition, other highly activated bonuses are loyalty bonuses. Houses reward their most loyal customers with bonuses when they reach certain brands or collect some points in their VIP programs.

For example, 1xbet offers promotional points every day to its players, who can then redeem them for prizes.

Betmotion, another of the best houses we have chosen, has a seven-level loyalty club. You can go up in these tiers for every real spent in the house and at the end you can have several benefits, starting with free spins in the slots.

So it’s nice to know what bonuses are offered by the houses we’ve mentioned and others that you appreciate to know what you can win and the possibility to win in the games.

Best online casinos

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Choosing the best online casino can be a bit personal, after all I like it and it is not discussed. But of course you can establish clear parameters, some of them minimal, to choose who stands out in this area. This exercise especially helps those who are getting to know the world of online casinos and want tips on where to start playing.

So, we have done this task and we will expose in this text which we think are the best.

Among the minimum requirements are a good variety of games – many slots, card games, roulette – and security for the gambler (encrypted data, secure deposit and withdrawal methods).

Market credibility – prizes, certifications, customer evaluation – is also important.

It also counts for our analysis the presence of games that usually have their space and are not necessarily placed in casino.

Examples such as poker and bingo, partnership with recognized software companies, various customer service channels. And as it couldn’t fail to be quality bonuses, be it welcome, loyalty or any other variation.

With all this in mind, we chose our top 5. It consists of bet365, 1Xbet, Sportingbet, Betmotion and Betfair.

Obviously vice versa is free to choose your favourite online casino or bookmaker, but it’s cool to check out the work of the above to find out if you are choosing a worse choice.

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